Terms and Conditions



  1. Terms for new customers/new account or anyone who has not traded with Acer Plant Limited are as follows

    • In order to open a hire account we would need to see 1) A copy of the hirers driving license 2) A copy of a recent bill showing the delivery address or account holders address. 3) A copy of valid hired in plant insurance. 4) The first hire would need to be paid for with a CREDIT CARD (cash not acceptable)
    • We would also require a first hire to be paid upfront along with full delivery details of the intended site of operation. If the first hire is of longer duration than a week then further payments paid by Credit Card on the Friday of the first week's hire must be made.
    • To open an account for a company we would require your full company trading name and office address, email and contact numbers, Homeowners need to provide the same details apart from a company name.
    • References may be required before an account is authorised. Once suitable and satisfactory bank references are provided the account holder will then be given 30 days to pay an invoice.
    • A security deposit may be required for certain hires. If the machinery is returned in good condition as supplied this we be returned with no delay.
  2. Payment Terms for a credit account are strictly 30 days from date of invoice

    • Failure to comply with point (2) above could result in interest being charged on any overdue account.
  3. Delivery of Plant

    • Plant can be collected from Acer Depot during opening hours, saving any delivery charge.
    • Plant can be delivered to site for which there will be a charge depending on area.
  4. All Plant can be hired on the following basis

    • 1 Day, 2 Day, 3 Day, 4Day,5 Day (Week)
    • Weekend rates will apply but must be arranged in advance as most machines have immobilising trackers rendering them inactive at weekends.
    • Hire charges will commence from the day arranged and the end of the full day we are advised it is off hired. Deliveries may be made before the hire start and collections after the off-hire date.
  5. Fuel

    • Plant will be sent out with a full tank. Extra fuel can be supplied delivered or collected.
    • Charges will be made for fuel used on a machine upon return, unless returned full.
  6. Damage is chargeable to Hirer

    • If damage should occur to the machine on site due to negligence on the part of the operator or overnight on the customers site due to vandalism etc the hirer will be liable for the cost of repair. If the damage should occur due to an existing fault already pointed out at the time of hire then the customer is not liable.
    • Plant Insurance is advised to cover any fire or theft of a machine during a hire period, many companies provide cheap comprehensive cover from 1-30 days (jcb insurance etc) but should a customer wish to proceed with a hire with no insurance they would be liable for the cost of the machine should it be stolen or damaged. We strongly advise customers are insured.
    • Damage to tyres punctures and all tracks are the responsibility of the hirer.
      Letting the machine run out of fuel can result in fuel lines becoming air locked or blocked with debris. We therefore insist that machines must not be completely run out of fuel as a call out on such due to running out of fuel would be chargeable to the hirer.
  7. Vehicle cleaning

    • If the machine is returned to us heavily soiled it will incur a cleaning charge.
    • If the machine is returned to us after concreting and hasn’t been washed off before the concrete has gone off and hard concrete deposits are left on the machine/dumper buckets etc then the machine will need to be professionally cleaned at the hirers cost.

      (this can cost as much as £150, Washing off wet cement is always recommended)